"Saint John Chrysostom" Orthodox Theological Seminary of Târgovişte

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Ministry of National Education - Archdiocese of Targoviste

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Dear students, allow me to sincerely welcome you to our educational community!

I assure you that you have made the best choice in terms of middle and high school studies. Our school operates with the blessing and under the guidance of His Eminence Dr. NIFON, Metropolitan of Târgoviște, being part of the subordinate institutions and the Dâmboviţa County School Inspectorate. The educational offer of the Orthodox Theological Seminary "Saint John Chrysostom" is based on excellence in education, quality, performance, promotion of Christian values, equal opportunities and openness to lifelong learning.

The Orthodox Theological Seminary "Saint John Chrysostom" from Târgoviște is a vocational school that continues the tradition of Romanian theological institutions, being in the field of education in Dâmboviţa one of the representative educational units. For the students with the best educational performances, our school supports the approach on the path of knowledge, offering various chances for success. Also, teachers benefit from the best conditions for the educational mission to reach high standards, with the possibility to access the most in-depth information, in order to disseminate specialized literature in step with the new educational trends. As students of the Orthodox Theological Seminary "Saint John Chrysostom" in Târgoviște you will surely discover new things, you will be attracted to own a way of life, to become "the light of the world and the salt of the earth", according to the words To the Savior Christ. The Orthodox Theological Seminary "Saint John Chrysostom" in Târgoviște aims to be an institution of Christian mission in the society of all times, to offer the world today people ready to spread the message of the Gospel of Christ, highlighting the good, the truth and beautiful.

This is our mission to form the good and beautiful man as we discover him by relating to the Savior Christ.

Prof. Dr. Marin Bugiulescu